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In pain, feeling numb, wanting to feel better?

Depression Communication problems
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Change, from the inside


Health Counselling
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as they create new and lasting llife practices


Are you in pain, feeling unhappy or just numb? Maybe you have important decisions to make and yet…you can’t quite do it all by yourself.

I work with adults whose pain and unhappiness and just plain feeling stuck leads them to consider psychotherapy. People get stuck, not out of choice, but by the patterns of their past and the fears they carry about the future. To change, people need both the safety and the skills of a trained therapist.

Sometimes therapy brings new attitudes, sometimes new skills are learned, and, sometimes, it is the safe atmosphere of therapy that allows natural growth processes to unfold. If you feel ready to change but need support and direction, I can help.

Lynne Mann is a psychologist registered to p ractice in British Columbia. Throughout her career as a psychotherapist, she has worked with adults living with depression, anxiety, re-experiencing trauma, addictions and compulsions. She also works with couples for whom communication, emotional distance and longing are causing pain within the relationship.

Psychological services are covered by most extended health plans.

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